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Re: Nikon Z advisory

AZBlue wrote:

briantilley wrote:

Your original post was as follows:

AZBlue wrote:

This is what happens when a product is rushed to market without adequate testing. Even the software is incomplete. Don't get mad if you own this, you knew what you were getting into as an early adopter.

In the meantime, I'm loving my flawless D850... 😂

To me, that sounds like someone defending their decision to stick with their DSLR.

I'm not responsible for how my post makes you feel. But clearly it struck a nerve causing you to immediately defend your choice of camera.

That's exactly what you have been doing.  I'm amazed that you can't see it.

That is so ubiquitous around here, and so silly as not even worth responding to anymore at this point.

Great - so hopefully the argument can end here.

So many bruised egos...

The rest is in response to defensiveness and attempts at divisiveness. The bottom line remains, unfortunately so, that early adopters end up with more problems. And that's fine for them, they know what they are getting into.

You shouldn't criticise others for being defensive whilst displaying the same behaviour yourself.

Again, no defensiveness here at all. You've displayed plenty across multiple posts. I don't know why, as you keep saying how happy you are with your Z. That's great. Be happy!

I certainly am happy with my Z6.  And my D850, and my D5, and my Df.  Each serves a different need, and each is a very good performer in its own way.

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