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Adielle wrote:

Skeeterbytes wrote:

Panny had already abandoned 4/3 by the time they made the G1.

Yeah, all those cameras after G1 are just abandoned cameras with no serious work done on them whatsoever.

The underlying reality is not one executive at any of the remaining camera makers knows what the future holds

No one "knows" what the future holds, so that's totally irrelevant.

and so they're all placing their bets

They don't "place bets", they do market research and decide what to "bet" on, based on it.

and crossing their fingers.

You like belittling those big bad executives.

Strap in, it's going to be a bumpy ride.

Business is always "bumpy" and cameras are going nowhere, and that includes interchangeable lens cameras, fixed lens cameras, superzoom cameras, pocketable cameras, cameras with terrible interfaces like those that are embedded in smartphones, security cameras, cameras that shoot moving pictures better than other cameras, cameras that have "global shutter" (it's gonna be "the thing" in the future, for very good reasons, and eliminate the need for mechanical shutter), cameras that have that little, useful thing called a viewfinder, which real photographers often can't do without, cameras that have an interface that's suitable for people who actually need to use a camera, etc.

No one knows the future holds, but some people seem to always "know" that the future is going to be terrible for everyone except those who use or produce the lowest quality, most commonly available stuff.

You and I evidently had very different business school exposure.

Do you know anything whatsoever about Panny's 4/3 system? Nothing you've written indicates such.

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