Has X-H1 disappeared from the market also in other countries ?

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Re: Has X-H1 disappeared from the market also in other countries ?

Christian Scarlet wrote:

KariP wrote:

dual12 wrote:

Rumor says no X-H1 replacement until next year. Buy it online if you can. The X-H1 is in stock at B&H and Amazon.

That was what i was checking - it is not available online or in any form around here. I'm not really in a very urgent need of a new camera. I just wanted to check if they had the same good price - but X-H1 is not available at all ...

It has happened sometimes before when a new model is coming that they sell the last cameras as an offer . This is a small country and they can not have thousands of cameras in some warehouse - in big USA the big stocks last much longer.

I have enough cameras at the moment or i can consider X-T3. I can just wait and see. I just wanted to hear if it is global...

You realize nobody knows where ‘around here’ is?

We can rule the following places out : Africa, Cuba, Mongolia, North Korea.

They never been on forums...

On a more serious note, I’m more interested to see overstock of X-T2 being dumped

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