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Tpturtle wrote:

I decided to change my old laptop. I am windows user and probably wont switch to mac so that isnt an option. I looked on the internet and saw that there is some good options out there.
I would like to know your opinions about this laptops: HP Spectre x360 13 and 15 inch, Asus Zenbook pro 13 and 15 inch, dell xps 13 inch.

I saw that they all have great srgb and relatively good adobe rgb coverage. I really like xps 13 inch really bright screen but I dont like that it doesnt have dedicated graphics card. I like Spectre coverage(150% srgb) and hp pen but brightness of that laptop sucks so much. Zenbook is wow on paper but I read that it can suffer from throthling. Dont know much about lenovo thinkpad(didnt found it in person to try it) except that I found him on some top 10 photo editing laptops lists.

Conf I was looking for in laptops are all i7 8th gen, 16GB ram, 512gb SSD, 4k screen.

Macbooks are out because 15 inch is too much money for me and where I live they dont have 13 inch version with i7 and 16gb of ram.
Witch one to get? I need laptop as my workhorse for next 5 years so it is an investment for me. I would really like your opinions on that matter. thanks

After going through exactly what you're going through.. (although I wanted either a 15 or 17 inch screen, have a 13 now and it's just too small for me) - I ended up finding a great deal on a Thinkpad Extreme X1 on the Lenovo outlet - and I couldn't be happier.

Of course, there are others other there that I was considering - not a lot of them, but finding this about $6-800 below retail clinched it, and now glad I did.

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