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Looking the right way

James Bligh wrote:

I say what I see.

You are looking through wrong glasses.

There is no evidence of progressing colour desaturation in raw as ISO climbs up.

Here is Ricoh GRIII at ISO 100 vs. Ricoh GRIII at ISO 6400, compared from raw data. Colorimetrically there is no difference:

Changing to dE00 or using a shot at ISO 12800 is is easy to see that due to lower exposure on the 6400 shot the difference is due to noise, flare, and glare.

CGATS files were obtained with RawDigger from the DPReview Studio Scene using linear normalization for the white patch to be 242 RGB, linear white balance from B4 patch (the one to the right of the white patch), output gamma 2.2.

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