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Chris DC wrote:

We are fine. Those that post are likely a small subset of users who have something they want to say and share and I appreciate them.

Personally, I quietly asked Olympus via surveys to make one big body to handle the bigger lenses. I found the EM1s to be too small even with the add on grips.

You bring up a point that seems lost on the "Olympus are idiots" crowd. Olympus doesn't develop products in a vacuum. Visionaries, the surveys you mention, marketing research etc. all go into deciding everything from ergonomics to sensor to overall features. The final product is refined through testing by Visionaries and others.

Remember when the EM5 came out and it was announced DSLR production would cease? Olympus released an article about how they had working prototypes of both m4/3 and 4/3 bodies. They let Visionaries and others try them both, with the condition that due to financial considerations, only the MILC or the DSLR would be put into production. The consensus of the test group, together with Olympus's strategic plans led to the introduction of the OMD series and the end of the E series.

People of course protested. Some left Olympus. But the claims that Olympus was insane or stupid were unfounded, because users played a big part in the decision.

The EM1x fills the niche just right and I am happy with it. I have other cameras for other uses.

Mad for the price, at debut the smaller predecessors with a grip and extra battery and charger wasn’t much under the 3000 price of the new flagship.

Oddly enough, marketing research in a number of product categories indicates that if the price of a certain item is too low, people will not buy it because they think it will be cheaply made. Cameras are like that. I theorize that the EM1x could retail for as much as $1000 less, but that would put the price more into the "prosumer" range than the expected flagship range (consider the prices of the Canon 1D, Nikon D5 and Sony A9). That and Olympus stated plainly they don't expect to sell a lot of EM1x bodies, that it's more a demonstration of capability than an attempt to bolster profits.


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