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Tasslehoff wrote:

What about you? Did you or will you buy the E-M1X? Or do you think it is too big, heavy, expensive and not what you need for your kind of photography?

I currently have little need for the features the EM1x offers. I don't do BIF or sports, don't use grips on my EM1.1s (though at times I feel I'd like to). I don't see a worthwhile return on investment for the EM1x (which is one thing I consider as a working photographer). Size and weight are a bit of a consideration, but not if the overall ergonomics and features offset that. I'm enjoying the fact that I can fit 2 bodies and 3 lenses (one the tiny 7Artizans 25 f1.8) flash, strap system, batteries and some extras into a sling bag that would barely hold something like a D810 and single zoom lens in the main compartment.

Right now my EM1.1s are serving my professional and personal needs quite well. I'm waiting to see what the EM1.3 has to offer, then decide whether to buy that or upgrade on the cheap to the EM1.2, which does have some feature and performance upgrades I desire.

Years ago, when the no-EVF rangefinder form factor cameras were all there was to Olympus m4/3, there was some discussion about what people would like to see come out in m4/3. I said if they could come out with a m4/3 with the same basic body as the E520, I'd love it. They did. I do.

That ROI factor I mentioned is something overlooked by amateurs, because it doesn't really matter to them anyway. A pro, no matter the level of G.A.S., does, (or at least should) consider whether a new piece of gear will offer a decent return. Improved workflow, improved IQ or the opportunity to produce images current gear can't produce are all things a working photographer considers when upgrading/buying new gear.

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