Is the 35f2 and the 23f2 too close to use both for travel?

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Re: Is the 35f2 and the 23f2 too close to use both for travel?

Which kit zoom you have?

My ideal 2 focal lenses on APS-C are 23 and 35 mm. They are much different (not too close).

I have 35 F/1.4 and 16-50 kit zoom. Since my favourite additional fixed focal lens is 23, I would like to have 23 F/2. But now to the subjectively objective analysis:

With 35 1.4 I cover portraits, low light and many normal situations.
When I set 16-50 to 23 mm, max aperture is F/4.2. But:
- Background blur at 23 mm is rarely what one wants to achieve and even at f/2 it isn't stellar
- Kit lens is stabilized meaning between F/2 unstabilized and F/4.2 stabilized there shouldn't be difference in terms of handshake. Moving subjects causes more problems with F/4, naturally.
- Fixed 23 is better in image quality than kit zoom, but kit zoom is close to being best at 23 mm. So difference shouldn't be important for normal sized prints (I would say up to 20×30 cm).
- Carrying 2 lenses, keeping kit lens I have 35 F/1.4, 23 F/4 and 16 F/3.5 which is very useful, + additional focal lengths up to 50 mm. And I save 400 EUR+.
- Note - 23 F/2 is smaller than kit lens, so this is also a trade-off.

This is how I fight GAS for this specific problem. And I often set 16-50 to 23mm and walk around like I have a fixed lens attached. Since it makes you more creative.

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