Nikon Z6 and Z7 Service Advisory

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stevef1961 wrote:

shuncheung wrote:

I am a firm believer that if it ain't broke, don't fix it. My Z6 is not affected, but if it were, I would wait a little while and see how this repair all works out before I would send mine in. There is always the chance that Nikon repair messes up a perfectly fine working Z6 or Z7 and it comes back in worse shape. Or it could get stuck with the shop for a long time until parts are available. If I had a non-functioning camera, I would send it in immediately. You probably still would like to have it fixed under the recall warranty, but it pays to wait a bit.

You say it’s working but how do you know it’s working at 100%? Perhaps it would be even better? You have nothing to compare it to so maybe it’s not working fully.

We do know that the current service advisory is related to VR, and Nikon is recalling the Z6 and Z7 bodies. Therefore we know the issues are related to IBIS (or IBVR in Nikonian terminology). I am very happy with the VR performance on my Z6, and I am not that demanding about VR anyway. In other words, I don't care whether my Z6's IBIS is working 100% or not because I am already very happy with it, and I don't think any repair can make me happier.

However, any repair also runs the risk that Nikon repair may mess things up and the camera comes back worse. As I said, I am a firm believer that "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." That was exactly why I initially ignored the first D750 recall as I described in the follow post earlier on this thread:

Eventually I had to send my D750 back for an unrelated warranty repair of the GPS connection. Nikon did also fix any recall-related issue. When I got my D750 back, I didn't notice any improvement on any recall-related issues, but I was glad that the GPS connection was fixed and Nikon didn't mess up anything else.

Now, I am not totally happy with the AF performance on my Z6, compared to e.g. my D850 and D500. Hypothetically, if there were a recall on the Z6 related to its AF performance, I would definitely send it in.

Before this service advisory, I haven't seen a lot of complaints about IBIS on the Z6 and Z7. Even after this advisory was announced, there isn't like a flood "mine too" complaints about IBIS. If your camera is working fine, I wouldn't rush to send it in. Wait a few weeks to see how the early ones are repaired and how long the turn-around time is. Once the technicians get familiar with this repair, the process will likely improve. IMO it pays to wait.

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