how to compare camera to mobile phone?

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Re: how to compare camera to mobile phone?

SergeyAU wrote:

Adding images from camera at different ISO to compare to a mobile image

All this does is demonstrate why it's pointless to try to work from the phone to the camera. f/1.5 to f/3.5 is 2.1/2 stops; 1/4s to 1s is 2 stops.  So if the only thing that was affecting the pictures is the nominal exposure then setting the camera to ISO1600 would yield the same results.

But, as we see from your last picture, it doesn't work that way. Why is that? If both cameras treated their data the same way your bottom picture would match perfectly - which clearly demonstrates that the don't treat their data the same way. In fact, they treat it very differently.

As long as those differences exist (which will be forever) you can learn nothing by comparing the outputs from the two cameras.

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