official announcement from Nikon JP : Z6 / Z7 firmware update ver 2.0 will be coming on 16 May 2019

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Image review changed

Interesting change with "image review".

With 1.0.3 there was audible click and noticeable delay when entering automatic image review after taking a photo. With DSLR I always had this feature enabled, but with Z7 I kept it off because it was just too clunky. It was also disabled by default, which was odd in itself, guess Nikon knew it was not good..

In 2.0 they changed it, it's now faster and silent. Playback and menus still has the delay and clicks, just the review doesn't.

I think these delays are because the camera locks the sensor image stablizing. Anyway it's nice they noticed, and fixed it.

Ps. another thing I'm not sure if it changed, but at least now, if you set image review to "monitor only" and raise the camera to your eye while image review is showing an image, it will switch automatically to live view in EVF. Wish the same was possible with playback and menus.

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