Profoto a1x is out, finally for Sony too

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Re: Profoto a1x is out, finally for Sony too

terryreid wrote:

tugwilson wrote:

terryreid wrote:

I got mine today but curious if anyone knows how the power output compares to the following.

I realize it will not compare to the two off camera strobes I have but wondering how much better it is than the Sony flash. And how much less it is than the AD200 I have read where the AD200 is equivalent to three on camera flashes or something like that.

Sony HVL-F60M

Godox AD200

Profoto B10

I have all three of them but put my Sony on Ebay this morning.

If you have all three why not measure the difference yourself?

The AD200 has three options for strobe heads (Fresnel, bare bulb and round head) They will have different light patterns and have different measurement if you stick a light meter in front of them.

I'd be interested if you compared the B10 to the AD200 with a round head and the AD-P Profoto adapter using Profoto OCF modifiers. My guess is that it would do quite well but my guesses are notoriously poor

I would love to but how does one go about measuring the output. Tell me how and I will provide this thread with the results. But I warn you I unable to get any on camera flash to even fire on my a7rIII or a9. It has to be something very simple in the settings on my cameras but I will be darned if I can figure it out. I am going to take the a1x and cam to a long time famous camera shop tomorrow in the loop and feel silly when they show me what I am doing wrong. I used to be able to but not for the last year.

It's probably best if you get your flash working with your camera first.

The AD200 is about 2-3 times more powerful than your A1x the B10 is about 1.5 times more powerful that the AD200 (but that depends on what head you use on the AD200).

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