High-risk vulnerability for pre-Windows 8 systems patched, including XP.

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Re: Odd that Windows Vista isn't included...

CAcreeks wrote:

kelpdiver wrote:

Archer66 wrote:

virtually everyone on the planet is a Linux user.

Android, you mean? (worldwide 67% own a phone, 1 billion more connections than people)

BTW, I checked netmarketshare.com and Archer66 is wrong. Linux users outnumber Vista 2.16% to 0.23%. Both Ubuntu and ChromeOS users separately outnumber Vista users.

No, Linux.   Android is a linux dist.   Your home router is quite likely a linux dist.  The dvd player may be similarly, along with many of your smart tv, media players, etc.  10 years ago this was less likely to be true- leaner OSs were used, but memory and cpu is so cheap now, no need to license and deal with these specialty ones.

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