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I don't want one either John

john isaacs wrote:

I think some forget it's all about having a choice in a system. I'm happy with a small camera to a large camera. I mean heck, we have so many bodies and lenses to choose from and maybe that's the issue.

All the best and a good smile this post. Probably very close to the truth


I DON'T want to buy an E-M1x just to get a MyMenu function. But Olympus hasn't done firmware updates to bring enhanced user interface elements to E-M1 and E-M5 cameras. Mimicking Panasonic's "you bought it, you're stuck with it" philosophy.

I can see why some get upset for sure John, but if I was buying today, its another matter.

I don't want to buy an EM1x just to get pro capture John, so I don't buy one. Same as I don't for the EM-1 MKII or a G9 for DFD.

I will however buy either for a good reason and at the moment, none of them offer me anything. That's why having a choice is good. In the future I can see them offering me things I don't need just now though.

The EM1x I would buy if I had the lenses I want, same as a G9 or EM-1 MKII.

All the best John and there is no way any camera body will have everything I want in it. We don't get to design them, we just get to make a choice.


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