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Re: Color of GR3 RAW

thelps wrote:

John Gellings wrote:

What you're describing is basically the Loch Ness monster - you say it's there but it just can't be seen.

The truth may be we differ in interpretation of fact. The fact is standing like a mountain. When you are blindfolded of course you cannot see whatever there is.

Curiously, when you are blindfolded you might see what isn't there.

I wear glasses not a blindfold. Isn’t it a paranoia to worry about something which is not real?

I honestly don't care what it is, but your anti-GR III tirade is tiresome. I'm here to learn about a still unfamiliar brand, not to hear about imaginary faults of my camera.


I’m not sure how I can even use this camera anymore ... I mean, it’s got so many problems that non users have Found that us users haven’t. Let’s hear it for the non users everyone!

Some of the anti-GR III has got to the point of being zealotry. Its beyond the pale. The simple answer is, if the camera is not to someone's standards don't buy it but leave those to who are happy with the GR III, to make imagery that suits us. I love the output from mine using the local light that I experience. Yes the light is different the world over

Harold who had bought more than one copy of GR2 as backup must be a lunatic. Whatever he may be his decision looks increasingly relevant.

P.S.: We have to acknowledge GR3 is a different animal.

Another limitation in GR3 plus not offering 4:3 aspect ratio in GR3.

The camera makes fine images. This forum will get sick of hearing me say it but I fear some here have monitors are not up to task and arguments ensue because we are all not seeing the same thing.

Simply the GR III has no substantial IQ flaw even worth worrying about. Even if I were to be convinced it did, which I am not, the flaws described here are so insignificant in a final print as to be non-existent.

Maybe dpreview is equipped with some low-grade monitors when they reported issues in jpeg colors of GR3.

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