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Re: Color of GR3 RAW

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I think color issue at least in JPEG is established in dpreview GR3 review though color desaturation in RAW as ISO climbs up is not adequately addressed.

There's no unusual color desaturation as ISO climbs up. On the contrary, the GR III is quite good at keeping the color.


Premature color desaturation of GR3 RAW

Here is a sample at ISO 800 but color desaturation in RAW is noted even in base ISO or from ISO 200. It is subtle but it is there.

You've got this wrong. All you are seeing in that link is Adobe's colour conversion settings for each of those cameras.

Here is a linkto the same sample but including the Pentax K70, which has the same GR III sensor and the same accelerator unit for noise reduction in raw. Strangely it doesn't have the colour desaturation that you claim must be there. That's because it's not the camera, it's Adobe.

Whatever it may be I do not care. I say what I see.

Very similar but more muted color, see the blue, in GR3 than in K-70.

Pentax colors are muted when Nikon colors are vibrant. And Nikon images are crisper.

If you want to establish the point that you are so desperate to make (over and over, thread after thread), you need to find a more objective piece of evidence. Good luck, but until then, let it go.

Let's wait and see. I am looking forward reading GR3 review in Imaging Resource.

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