The little Sony arrived. Any tips setting it up?

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Re: GX8 to M6 comparison

Guy Parsons wrote:

vallhall wrote:

Iq wise the panny 12-35 is on pair with your Oly 12-40,

When you get down to pixel peeping levels with the 12-35/2.8 and 12-40/2.8 pair, the 12-35mm seems to have a faintly better centre sharpness but falls away more to the edges than the 12-40mm does. The 12-40 improves noticeably by using DxO as would the 12-35mm. Again, that's all at pixel peeping levels, and that comes into play if making small crops of images to put in a TV slide show.

so it is realy amazing that the little Sony to my eyes and my screens looks just as good. The only diffeence i saw was in the exposure.

Using FastStone Viewer on the images and doing auto correction, it made the M6 image a bit brighter, and hardly changed the GX8 image.

Using my old V5 version of Silkypix to analyse both it found that the GX8 needed plus 0.27EV adjust and the M6 plus 0.83EV adjust to bring it to what it thought was right. But the two images are framed differently so the software will undoubtedly make different decisions.

I dont print, only view them on my screens, so i deffently dont need any better IQ. I am also impressed how good the low light is,

Try shooting P mode in some very dark situation, then change to Auto and do the same. If shooting jpeg only, then also try Superior Auto . Those Auto results may impress even more.

its good enough to me, so i quess my MFT goes on sale soon

Yes, that is always a possibility when the M6 enters our lives.

It just makes me wonder, if Sony keeps on making 1" compact cameras, what will they do next - or indeed in 5 to 10 years time? They will always be wondrously good, but also need to be amazingly expensive to survive against the tsunami of smartphones.

Regards..... Guy

To tell the truth, i am not very good at both photo and especially using programs like DXO. I mostly let the autocorrection work for me then i use it!.

I have had my GX8 for over 3 years and maybe shoot around 300 pics. But even if i use my cameraes little, i want to have a good IQ.

I am a teck nerd and love electronics

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