Canon EOS RP sales nosedive in Japan

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Peak freak wrote:

SonySharpShooter wrote:

By updating your camera body with a better performing sensor and AF all your lenses are improved. But being a camera company you’ll make more if you had the customer rebuy every focal length to get the improvements.

Not necessarily. When I upgraded from my 13Mpix 5D1 to the 21Mpix 5D2, the increased resolution exposed some of the shortcomings of my lenses. I thought my EF 24-105 was great on the 5D1, not so good on the 5D2.

Similarly, I was never happy with my EF 17-40, but when I got my 16-35/4, it was almost like getting a new camera, such was its resolving power.

I think its more like; updating your camera makes sense if your lenses are good enough to handle it. [The question then becomes, how much are those lenses, do they even exist? Between me and you not so secret Sony Shooter, I am keenly awaiting the to see the performance of the Tamron FE17-28/2.8]

Trust me, your 24-105 is even better on the 5D2. You just need to downsample the images to match your 5D1 resolution before you compare them.

If the new Tamron 17-28F2.8 is anything like the recent Tamron 17-35F2.8-4 (which is insanely good optically, for the price), than it is going to be a fantastic lens.

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