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frst16 wrote:

If 4K is roughly 8mp, a 6.7mp still displays superbly on my 42” tv (3ft on the long edge). 12mp D700/300 had enough detail to see individual eye-lashes of a portrait shot, and there is even more detail within the 20mp EM1 mkiI or G9 images.

What is the advantage of going to 32mp?

32Mpx is close to 8K. If this was a 4/3" sensor it would actually need to have 44Mpx at 4:3 in order to deliver 8K at 16:9 but when the new Sony sensor rumour surfaced at 43rumours, it was rumoured to be a 16:9 sensor (that's a lot of rumours).

At 32Mpx the rumoured 16:9 sensor could only deliver 8K via mild up-sampling. But for the time-being the main advantage of 8K for video is the ability to produce over-sampled 4K.

There is also a demand for 8K in Virtual Reality, where it can deliver 4K per eye. Having tried an Oculus Quest and owning a Samsung Gear VR I can tell you that the potential of those devices is restricted by poor resolution.

For a variety of reasons I think the near-future appearance of a 32Mpx 16:9 4/3" sensor in a video-oriented Olympus camera is improbable.

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