70-300 AF-P on the Z series?

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Re: 70-300 AF-P on the Z series?

sirhawkeye64 wrote:

quattro88 wrote:

It was a timely post. I just sold my AF-S version and planning to AF-P next week while it's on sale. However, I was planning on using it on D750. Never thought of putting on my Z6. I like Z6 with 24-70mm for the quality of the lens and the weight. I will have to try this 70-300 on both bodies and decide which works better.

I will probably "work" better (ie. AF speed) on the D750 as is running natively (no adapter), but should also be fine on the Z6. I will say the AF is probably a little slower because of the Z6's A speed, and the fact you're using an adapter. But it should technically deliver good results on both bodies (aside from any limitations of the Z6 due to its image sensor/processor).

Why do you think the adapter will make a difference to AF speed?

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