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This is what happens when a product is rushed to market without adequate testing. Even the software is incomplete. Don't get mad if you own this, you knew what you were getting into as an early adopter.

In the meantime, I'm loving my flawless D850... 😂

Nope, it's what happens anytime in the world of electronics; occasionally you can get a batch of substandard components. So long as the manufacturer deals with it pronto what's the problem?

Zs rushed to market? Nope, a very sound product. Having been one of the very first in the UK to have been supplied with a Z6, I've now had 6 months productive enjoyment out of it. As have others; try finding people complaining.

PLENTY of complaints about the product. In almost every online review. Shortcomings left and right. But that's okay, that's expected and par for the course with a first launch. Nikon will get better. But let's not pretend that it's some great, fantastic, flawless product. It isn't. Only to those who own it and are engaging in confirmation bias.

No products are flawless. But very few complaints about the product from PEOPLE WHO HAVE ACTUALLY BOUGHT IT. If you want to judge things just by online reviews that's up to you. Me, I went by the spec sheet plus a distillation of what matters to me from the better reviewers.

The Z6 (plus the 24-70 f4 lens) is a fine product, in my experience. Seems to me there's sour grapes from some of who didn't buy and now want to justify that. It's wholly valid and understandable for someone to say the D850 is more their sort of camera; it's a joke complaining that those who bought and like a Z camera are just engaged in confirmation bias.

You're the one who said "try finding people complaining". And I did. Look at any comprehensive review of this product. Having responded to your biased statement with an irrefutable fact, you backtrack to say that *I* am the one complaining and that it's a joke to suggest that supporters of the Z are engaged in confirmation bias. What you said, what you just engaged in, is somewhat the definition of confirmation bias.

As is (in the opposite sense) what you are doing.

The fact is that many people who chose to buy a Z camera are happy with it, and many people who chose not to buy one can see things that are wrong with it.  Is that really so surprising?

You like your Z, and that's good for you. Stick with what you know. Perhaps you shouldn't speak for the many well respected folks who have used and reviewed this product, and who have clearly identified many of its shortcomings. Doing so only puts you into the category of trying to rationalize your purchase by invoking straw men.

...just like you seem to be trying to justify your non-purchase.

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