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Re: One ETTR "model"

Chris Noble wrote:

bobn2 wrote:

Model 1 posits that the purpose of exposure management is to control the output lightness of the final image.

Shooting JPEG. Any post-processing of that file is like taking a photo of a photo.

Model 2 posits that the purpose of exposure management is to ensure the maximum possible information about the scene in the raw file...

Shooting Raw.

ETTR provides a method (though not a great one) for using the tools and vocabulary of Model 1 to achieve at least some of the results of model 2. That, however leads to it being fundamentally inconsistent and contradictory.

No, there is no connection between the two models. Trying to squash them together is what is inconsistent and contradictory.

Aren't you agreeing with what I said?

ETTR is "to the right" of the Raw histogram. Nothing more, nothing less. The "tools" to get there (such as UniWB) are different than the "tools" you use to shoot JPEG.

That's according to you. Other proponents of ETTR wouldn't agree that definition. Further, a raw histogram is rarely available when shooting, and it's not always advisable to push up against it, if you have other constraints.

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