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Re: Color of GR3 RAW

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I think color issue at least in JPEG is established in dpreview GR3 review though color desaturation in RAW as ISO climbs up is not adequately addressed.

There's no unusual color desaturation as ISO climbs up. On the contrary, the GR III is quite good at keeping the color.


Premature color desaturation of GR3 RAW

Here is a sample at ISO 800 but color desaturation in RAW is noted even in base ISO or from ISO 200. It is subtle but it is there.

Hi James

Trying to compare color saturation in raw you are suggesting to compare how a converter interprets data, and that differs between the cameras. The field is not even this way.

What is more interesting, is how are the colors as you go up in ISO. Here is the RAW data from the Cyan field (approx. 90% of the cyan averaged). Darktable import with only simple fast PPG demosaic, no base curve, tone curve or filters applied.

ISO  R    G     B
100 37 104 125
200 38 104 125
400 38 105 126
800 39 107 128
1600 42 113 135
3200 39 108 130
6400 40 114 137
12800 30 114 136

Interesting, but this doesn't mean much itself. What does mean something is the output you get after all filters and curves are applied. All below are processed with the exact same curve and filtering using the dpr raw files:

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