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600 / 800 same size (almost) :)

TacticDesigns wrote:

Lot's of good replies already, but I think this reply covers what I was going to say.

Jonsi wrote:

DeWaal wrote:

On several different second hand vendors they sell both a SB-600 and SB-800 for only 20 euro price difference. Would it be worth to get the SB-800 or is that overkill?

It is not overkill if you only plan to have one flash unit, or only will have one flash unit for a while.

The SB-800 is better than the SB-600 in (potentially) every way over the SB-600, except that it is slightly larger.

Not overly larger.

I have a really small camera bag that I take on vacation. More like a sling. And the SB-800 fits in that case, barely. The SB-600 is more convenient to fit in that small case. But . . . if I only had the SB-800, I would take the SB-800 without hesitation. It is not overly bigger. It is smaller than the old Vivitar 285HV flash units that I have.

The only reason I take the SB-600 on vacation, is because I have it. And . . . this reduces the risk of damaging one of my SB-800 units while on vacation. And then having to replace it for a paid shoot. If I damage my SB-600, then I can still be up and running for paid shoots with two SB-800 flash units.

NOTE: The SB-800 is almost the same size as the SB-600!!!

I am back at my desk right now. Getting my SB-800 flash units ready for a portrait session tomorrow and I put my SB-600 beside my SB-800 right now.

The SB-600 and SB-800 are almost the same width, depth . . . and the SB-800 is only about 1 CM more in height.

OP: So . . . if you are considering the SB-800 over the SB-600, I'd say go for it!!! Either way, you end up with a good flash unit. With the SB-800 you end up with a bit more power and a bit more capability.

NOTE: I think part of why I think the SB-800 takes up more space is because the SB-800 case (that comes with the flash unit) is much bigger than the case that came with the SB-600. And there is a rigid case with colour filters that takes up space in the SB-800 case as well.

Take care & Happy Shooting!

If you're only going to use this on-camera, either would do fine. I don't know that the UI is any better on the 800 (like it is on later models) but that's because I never used one. Others have said it's similar.

Both UI's are fine.

For me, it's just the cryptic way to get into the menu system of both. Or the sometimes cryptic icons on the SB-800.

But if you read the manual and get familiar with it, it is a non-issue.

Especially if you download the manual to your cellphone so that you always have a way to look things up.

But I'd spend the extra 20. It has the extra attached bounce card and will command other speedlights if you ever go that route. It is also a little more powerful, but might be a tad larger (?)


Having access to more power can come in handy.

Yes. Being able to trigger other flash units is nice as well.

And as someone else pointed out, the SB-800 has the older auto mode. The auto-thyristor mode that does not use a pre-flash to determine when to shut off the flash unit.

This does allow you to use the flash unit on other cameras and still have some sort of auto mode. (This is how I used my Pentax AF540fgz on my Nikon camera for a while until I got dedicated Nikon flash units.)

And this can let you get a picture of a person who blinks at bright lights, without them blinking.

Since this modes does not send out a pre-flash, there is no pre-flash for them to blink at.

OP: If you are contemplating the SB-800, I would say, go for it. If there is only a little difference in cost, then it would be worth it IMHO.

Either is fine. But depending on what you're paying, I still think 3rd party options are easier to use. And probably similarly priced, and they're brand new (bulbs wear out).

Yes. Gear do wear out.

If you can, get one from a place with a bit of warranty.

I was able to pick mine up from a local camera shop that gave me a 90-day warranty.

The sales guy asked me how I felt about buying used gear. I looked at him and said that the used gear in that store was 1/3 the price of buying new. I told him, I could buy a dude and then have to buy another unit. But over the long haul, I am still coming out ahead.

Good luck.


Take care & Happy Shooting!

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