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In the case of the D750, there were multiple small issues related to the shutter, hence there were separate recalls. Some D750 owners sent their D750 back more than once for the multiple recalls.

You must have had an early model or something. In the two D750's I've owned (one was for 18 months, the second was 3 years) none of them exhibited this. But then again, I didn't get the first one until a year after they were out on the market (so in late 2015).

I think they're recall all of the Z's at once as I think they have multiple service centers in various regions. Also, the population of Z users is probably smaller than D750 users.

Back then the D750 was selling like hot cakes. It was announced in September 2014 prior to PhotoKina that year (when it was held in even years). I bought mine in early December that year since Nikon USA had some deals with body + lens purchase during the holiday season, and I got the 70-200mm/f4 AF-S VR for $400 off with the D750. That D750 has the serial number 30084xx. Again, it was subjected to multiple service advisories that IMO I can completely ignore.

The D750 is a fine camera and that is why it is still the current mode after 4+ years, although the price has come down quite a bit. I still feel that 24MP is plenty and that is why I like the D750 as well as the Z6.

I do have to say that the D750 was an excellent low-light performer.  The Z6 is good, but the D750 I think still beats it by at least a little bit.  Maybe when they announce they are discontinuing the D750 I'll pick one up as a backup.  For the money, despite it being 5 years old now, it's still a good buy at $1300.

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