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Does anyone know if Sony actually has a mFt 32 mp sensor?

Sony will have no problem designing and building a 32MP FT sensor (mFT is a lens mount, not a sensor size) if Sony has a reason to do it. There is no technology involved it doesn't have, it would be pretty much a case of calling up their standard geometry libraries and doing an auto placement. The more serious question is which of their various technologies (BSI, stacking) they'd include. I guess that would depoend on the customer.

Because if they do and if Olympus is able to procure it and implement it into a camera...maybe hold off on purchasing the EM1x for the OMD EM1 mark III. The mark II is coming up on its end of life cycle. i know I know pure speculation...

It's not really a case of Olympus being 'able' to procure it. It's a case of Olympus choosing to procure such a sensor. As in all commercial transactions, all they'd have to do is pay Sony enough to ensure that Sony made money on the enterprise. To be hones, if Olympus had chosen to shell out on a new sensor (whether speculatively developed by Sony or done to Olympus' order) it would have been expected to go into their new flagship, unless the EMIX was a somewhat cynical ploy to hoover up the obsolescent parts bin before moving to some new technologies.

I could see a product progression something like ...

EM1.x ==> sports/nature

EM5.3 ==> new sensor, 8K res for stills

EM1.3 ==> same sensor as 5.3, with global shutter feature for nifty new features

A total, wild-a** guess, but something would keep me spending money. Which seems to be the business model for now.

I suppose that's possible if as big a step as 20MP to 32MP was planned. After all, 20MP is the norm for sports/nature cameras.

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