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larsbc wrote:

It looks nice but the video reviews and sample clips I've seen haven't compelled me to make the switch from my Hero 7 Black. The thing I was most interested in was the DJI's stability in poor light and that seems to have the same limitations as the Hero 7.

I'm guessing you haven't seen Devin Supertramp's video, then, though switching from GP7B would be a hard call for any camera. Buying instead of a GP7B is a different call.

Yes, if I didn't already have the Hero 7, I'd give a lot of consideration to getting the DJI Action.

Stabilisation at 4K60; and very good stabilisation all round - in Devin's view (and he does know a bit about action cameras) better than the GP7B.

I'm fine with the Hero's stabilization; it's the low light performance where I'd like to see an improvement. Once the light gets low, my Sony's mechanical stabilization system becomes more effective than the Hero (and DJI).

That's the advantage of a mechanical stabilization system. The GP7's, being electronic, needs light, and from my experience, lots of light.

He also calls out the front display (which so many dismiss as for narcissists/vloggers) as being a game changer for putting cameras in difficult places, and still being able to frame the shot without having to pfaff around with phones and wifi.

I've no problem with the front display.

Hopefully the Hero 7 will get a firmware update to remove some of its infrequent erratic on/off behavior.


Well, they did fix things on the last firmware update so I'll remain naively optimistic.

Also, I'm glad to see that GoPro has more competition in this area.

TBH, they've always had competition

Yes, that's what has kept them busy with refinements. Hopefully the engineers at GoPro will get busy sorting out some of the quirky issues.

I know, which is why I said, "more."

- it is just that GoPro marketing is much better, and people are unaware of the competition or think they must be inferior because they don't have market share.

Yes. Also, I don't think any of the other Chinese "knock-offs" such as the SJ or YI cameras have demonstrated digital stabilization that is close to what GoPro is getting from the Hero 7. Perhaps the SJ 9 will but I haven't seen that yet. And Sony hasn't updated their X3000 (which I think is a great action cam) so, until the release of the DJI Action, there wasn't anything (that I'm aware of) that was very close to the Hero 7 is capabilities, particularly in the area of 4K @ 60fps and very good stabilization.

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