32 mp really?

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Re: 32 mp really?

assaft wrote:

Astrotripper wrote:

If you are looking at E-M1 cameras because you need something for shooting action, then there is no point waiting for E-M5 III. It will not be an action shooter.

You don’t buy D850 instead of D5 or A7R III instead of A9. Same here.

Invalid comparison, in my opinion.

The markets for pro landscape shooters (D850, A7R III, Z7) and pro action shooters (D5, A9) are far more segmented than the market for mid-range enthusiastic 1K$ users.

I would not even dare making an assumption that the upcoming E-M5 would be all that close to $1k

We're probably looking at around $1500.

This is because the high-end markets are for more dedicated use-cases while the mid-range market is for a variety of use-cases and aims to appeal to a more diverge user-base.

Look at what Sony did with the A6400 - a mid-range 900$ body that has nice resolution and good dynamic range, but above all - the state-of-the-art AF for shooting action. And this is not an exception, the Fuji X-T30 is close behind, and adds advanced video features. If Olympus targets the E-M5 III for the same crowd, it needs to up its game - and action shooting, at least for family shots like kids running is a must. The landscape for mid-range cameras has changed and unfortunately Olympus is far behind and very late.

Ok, I get your point. That works for E-M1 II, I guess. With Olympus, there's currently not much choice and E-M1 II is kind of the only current high end option regardless of the type of photography you're doing. But I would still contest OP's statement on holding off on buying E-M1X in favor of waiting for a camera with this rumored new sensor. People looking at buying E-M1X are not exactly looking for an all-rounder casual camera for doing whatever. You really have to have a reason to buy a $3k action oriented flagship model.

And at 32mp, it will simply not be as capable as E-M1X for the things that E-M1X was designed for. I would expect Olympus to make it competent, sure. They have no choice, they have to if they want to make it competitive. But 60% more data to process will take a toll on various aspects of performance. There's just no way around this. Forget about 60fps ProCapture. Possibly even forget about shooting action with electronic shutter. You might get 3-4 second burst at 6-8fps with high hit rate, but that's not quite the same level as E-M1X.

Anyway, this is waaaay too far into speculation and hypotheticals.

I believe it would make perfect sense for Olympus to put a high res sensor in one of their cameras and charge an appropriate premium. They can always upgrade E-M10 line to compete with X-T30 and the like.

Anyway, we'll see soon enough. I'm really in the market for the next E-M5 and as long as form factor is what I expect, I will be buying it regardless of the sensor it will use.

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