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Re: tried another

fpessolano wrote:

Time will tell.

Let us hope it is just one round of recalls

In the case of the D750, there were multiple small issues, all kind of related to the shutter. Hence there were multiple recalls. Nikon was not doing some phased recall of one issue.

My D750 was a fairly early one, purchased in December 2014 before a major trip. A couple of months later, there was the first recall related to some reflection on the top part of the frame in some backlit situations. My D750's serial number was on the recall list, and I tested my D750 and couldn't reproduce the issue; in any case it was really a rare edge case anyway. Again, I am the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" type and decided to skip the recall.

A couple more months after that, I mounted my Nikon GP-1 GPS unit on that D750 for the first time and it didn't work. I then found another GP-1A and it also didn't work. Therefore I knew it was a camera body issue. Since Nikon would pay for shipping the camera to them for the recall, I took advantage of that and sent my D750 in, and Nikon fixed the GPS connection as well as the recall issue.

A few more months to a year later, there was another recall and my D750's serial number was on the new list again. By then my D750 had been working perfectly and the GPS connection was fine. I said forget it. Now fast forward 3, 4 years later, that D750 is still working just fine. I sent it back to Nikon once only because of the GPS connection issue.

My 200-500mm/f5.6 AF-S VR is also among the earliest ones and there was a firmware issue as AF might not always work once you zoom. I also ignored that recall.

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