Why cameras like the M are still worth carrying everywhere

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I only use the Ms when I can't get a shot with the Pixel 2. Usually because of focal length reasons. And/or because of needing an EVF in the bright sunlight (which is a lack of technique on my part.)

I think you missed the point of the thread, no? The fact is OP carries an M camera everywhere because of the specific times that a phone camera won't cut it. Which would be the example OP posted.

...and that is also exactly the same parameters that you tried to state before you went into a two paragraph long brand-bashing diatribe.

My post was a response to the OPer saying

The phone photo I posted was actually far more like most phone photos I am shown than a much better one would be.

My objection was that the OP was claiming that the example he gave was the norm for smartphones. I gave an example that showed the opposite: of a smartphone that produces images that are comparable to my Ms.

I also said that I also usually carry my Ms whenever it is feasible. Demonstrating that current flagship phones produce image quality that is comparable to a SOTA M (albeit with the kit lens) isn't brand bashing.

I am happy with my Ms. I will most likely buy one or two M lenses in the near future. But we can't deny the performance of current smartphones. The recently launched Pixel 3As show that flagship phone camera performance is now available in phones that are much cheaper.


The 64Gb Pixel 3A is exactly the same price (£399) as the EOS M100 twin lens outfit with the 15-45mm and 22mm lenses. I know which one I'd prefer as I'm writing this on my phone.

I take it you mean you'd prefer the M100 for taking pictures, and the Pixel for writing forum posts. Good choice.

Actually I meant that I've got a perfectly good phone that was less than half the price of the Pixel and doesn't need replacing yet. When it's time, I might be looking at a Pixel 5A or whatever's around then. I'd rather have a phone with a good 5 megapixel camera, easily emailable photos and decent low light performance. That'sa phone camera I'd actually use.  Right now, I'd be better putting that sort of money into replacing my Windows 7 laptop.

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