The little Sony arrived. Any tips setting it up?

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Re: The little Sony arrived. Any tips setting it up?

Digital Nigel wrote:

vallhall wrote:

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Guy Parsons wrote:

vallhall wrote:

Many many thanks!

And i have to update DXO photolab to 2 only because of this camera

I will shoot both jpeg and raw.....and i will try it for light bif......if it only had A6400 af

The choices of AF setup are quite extensive and probably nearly as good as the A6400, I do not think you would have any AF problems, except making the right choice among many. From the specs.....

Regards..... Guy

The new subject tracking and eye-AF on the A6400 needs to be seen to be believed; it's in a whole different class. That said, the RX100VI is no slouch!

With 24fps, i am sure the cpu in the RX100 VIVA is powerful. If only Sony would give us subject tracking in a new FW

Sony seems very reluctant to provide feature enhancements via firmware updates to its fixed lens cameras.

They are not alone here. The little that is left of the compact industry seems to work as a whole in this way but considering the cost of some of these cameras it would be nice if the makers could move away from a mindset that seems to consider them as disposable items. They might even sell more if people thought the camera had more life and would not require an expensive total write off in no time at all for any feature enhancement.

The interchangeable lens cameras get more firmware updates, some to support new lenses or fix bugs, but sometimes to improve functionality. This is particularly true of the FF cameras.

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