Would You Buy An 80D With Whats Happening With DSLRs?

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Re: Would You Buy An 80D With Whats Happening With DSLRs?


I should start of by saying say my needs are simple - see my thread below your's for examples of my photography

I only need an APSC body and a sharp 35mm equivalent lens.

As small and fast as possible. Auto WB, Auto ISO, only ever use one center point AF, single shot, one shot mode and A priority etc.

I use an SL1 and 24mm stm at the moment.

Sometimes though

A. The mode dial moves accidentally ruining the odd shot now and then. The 80d's is lockable

B. The VF is good but smallish, the 80d's is larger

C. Battery life is very good but the 80d's is better

D. The SL1 is only good for ISO 3200 even in B&W, I believe the 80d is good for ISO 6400

E. I am not 100% sure but the center AF point on the 80d 'should' be better in the evening or low light as it is rated down to -3 EV whereas the SL1's is -0.5 EV.

So for me 5 good reasons to get an 80d. And I can still use my same lens.

Yes it is bigger but I have handled one and the size is fine for me

Plus it is tougher and more weather resistant, not that the SL1 has ever had prob;ems in bad weather or taking knocks.

NB - in the UK (as always) prices have not yet dropped, in fact recently the 80d price new, used and GM just went up £10-£20 pounds lol

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