Pocket Camera Advice Needed,.... ZS200, Sony?, or Other?

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Re: Pocket Camera Advice Needed,.... ZS200, Sony?, or Other?

bill hansen wrote:

I've read that what iResolution actually does it to add a little sharpening to the image "to make it appear that resolution has increased". That sounds about right to me. There's no reason to think that resolution could be *increased* beyond what was in the original JPEG or RAW. However - I've had at least a few images I shot with a cropped sensor and also some iZoom, where I liked the appearance better when I shot with iResolution turned on. I could probably have gotten the same result with a careful application of additional sharpening.

As for name obfuscation - I think most manufacturers do that. I know Sony, Panny, and Canon do. Right now I'm considering purchase of the Canon SX70HS, and gradually figuring out their somewhat different names for things. For example, that camera does have a Quick Menu, but it's called simply "Menu". The real, in-depth menu is accessed by pressing a separate button. Seems strange.

What's confusing with Panasonic is not the names of camera features, but the names of the cameras themselves. The exact same camera might have six or more names around the world (eg, TZ1, TZ100, TZ101, TZ110, ZS100, ZS110).

Canon, however, does use different names for features. I suppose it's been using the same terms for decades, and sticks with them. For example, what is S(hutter) mode on other cameras is Tv mode on a Canon. It also uses different names to others for AF-C and AF-S.

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