Why cameras like the M are still worth carrying everywhere

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thajuice4me wrote:

Alastair Norcross wrote:

nnowak wrote:

You are comparing the brightest EF-M lens to a relatively mediocre cell phone. There is roughly 6 stops difference between the two. Switch to a higher end and more modern smartphone and put one of the EF-M kit lenses on your M6, and the difference drops to 1.5 stops (or less). Throw in some computational wizardry like Google's Night Sight and the differences are even smaller.

Yes, the dedicated camera can produce the a better image. But the notion that the smartphone is utter garbage and the dedicated camera is infinitely superior is a gross exaggeration.

Nice strawman there. I never said a smartphone is garbage. I said it's still worth carrying a real camera. And it is. Much as you constantly like to pour cold water on anything remotely in support of the M system, and spread your gospel of doom and gloom, some people post on this forum because they genuinely enjoy using M cameras, and get great results from them. Every time I read one of your posts I wonder why on earth you bother reading and posting on this forum. Your constant negativity is a real pain even for those of us who only encounter it occasionally. You must be a real joy to have around at parties.

Well, he just expressed his honest opinion. I think you're being a bit overly sensitive to the words he used.

That is also my way of reading nowaks words. "the notion that the smartphone is utterly garbage" isn't - as i read it - stating Alastair Norcross would have said the phone was garbage, and i also think it wasn't meant to suggest this.

Some persons prefer a more critical attitude, while other prefer harmony over being critical.

Maybe it could help if the topic starter says something about the goal of a topic. Is it meant as a discussion topic (arguments + critical attitude) or is it meant to share a positive experience (harmony + compliments and eventually some positive feedback)  with a M camera? In other topics the goal is more clear to me, but with this one it was maybe a bit confusing. This comment is not meant to blame the topic starter in any way for this.

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