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Re: Color of GR3 RAW

Alex Sarbu wrote:

James Bligh wrote:

Alex Sarbu wrote:

James Bligh wrote:

I think color issue at least in JPEG is established in dpreview GR3 review though color desaturation in RAW as ISO climbs up is not adequately addressed.

There's no unusual color desaturation as ISO climbs up. On the contrary, the GR III is quite good at keeping the color.


Premature color desaturation of GR3 RAW

Here is a sample at ISO 800 but color desaturation in RAW is noted even in base ISO or from ISO 200. It is subtle but it is there.

I strongly disagree with your assessment.

First, you're using the comparison widget which doesn't work properly. But let's ignore that for now.

Second - and most important - your selection is not meant to show color desaturation. Some things to note:

- if you compare the GR III at ISO 100 and ISO 800 (and higher) you'd notice how well it keeps the color. There's no noticeable desaturation; just the extra noise.

That's why I said premature color desaturation of GR3 RAW. And correct wording may be 'There seems to be no further noticeable desaturation; just the extra noise.'

- you instead are comparing different cameras, with different processing profiles (and a software that didn't yet support the GR III).

- even more, you are trying to be unfair by including full frame cameras.

I included Nikon D7200 which has same APS-C sensor with same MP count as that of GR3, same 24 MP but FF D610 and 36 MP FF D800. So GR3 vs. D7200 is a peer comparison and D610 for same MP count but to compare APS-C with FF and D800 for 24 MP APS-C vs. 36 MP FF. I think all meaningful comparisons they are, interesting comparisons at least.

What you're describing is basically the Loch Ness monster - you say it's there but it just can't be seen.

The truth may be we differ in interpretation of fact. The fact is standing like a mountain. When you are blindfolded of course you cannot see whatever there is.


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