32 mp really?

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Re: 32 mp really?

tpani wrote:

Does anyone know if Sony actually has a mFt 32 mp sensor?

The only companies buying MFT sensors are Olympus, Panasonic and maybe some smaller camera manufacturer.

Actually, a number of video manufacturers use 4/3 sensors such as Back Magic and Sharp.

If the biggest of these companies want to buy a 32 MP MFT sensor, Sony will certainly sell them one. Putting more megapixels in a sensor per se is not a big deal. Putting 32 MP in an MFT sensor is exactly as hard or easy as putting 32 MP in a 35 mm sensor. The issues in both cases are exactly the same: more pixels -> slower read-out (impacting AF, video, high-speed shooting). Speeding up read-out increases complexity and cost of sensor. If somebody is happy to pay for that, Sony will certainly deliver. The rocket science here is doing things without increasing cost too much.

So, the credibility of a rumor of an MFT camera with 32 MP sensor is not made any less credible by the fact that no manufacturer has been selling anybody a 32 MP sensor before. Only quite recently no 20 MP MFT sensor existed either, because nobody had an MFT product with a 20 MP sensor.

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