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Re: FZ200 charging battery

tom graham wrote:

I use the FZ200 a lot for documenting something I am taking apart. For example, my AC controller has 6 color codded wires, so I take a snap of how each wire connects to the terminal strip.

I do have the FZ200 battery charger. Question is - can the battery be charged while in the camera? I search the Panasonic 367 page manual (in pdf) and found nothing about charging in the camera.

No, but there are is a power brick DMW-AC8 to be used in connection with a battery adapter DMW-DCC8 that you can use instead of a battery. That way you only run out of power when the power company does. There are actually more battery adapters than battery types since various cameras have the opening for the cable at different places. Some third-party battery adapters are built in a manner where they have hollow spaces for leading the cable to different places on the outside of the adapter: they can replace more than one Panasonic adapter then.

It probably is more convenient to have one spare battery to charge out of camera while continuing to use the camera with the other battery, but your mileage may vary.

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