Death of the Fujinon 18-55

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Re: Death of the Fujinon 18-55

Pulis wrote:

Maybe a little off topic, but you mentioned your lens was made in Japan? My lens is made in the Philippines, is there a craftsman ship difference?

I don’t think anyone can answer that - there is some evidence that some small change was made to the design at some point in its run (there’s an old thread here showing some visible change in the internal arrangement) but whether that was anything to do with the manufacturing move or made anything better or worse is impossible to say. In theory, Fuji control the quality wherever they choose to manufacture and the QC should be the same whether it’s in Japan, the Philippines, China or anywhere else.

My own Japanese lens is hardly evidence of any great craftmanship since it failed, but in fairness I never had any of the issues with it optically that others are reporting.

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