how to compare camera to mobile phone?

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PhotoTeach2 wrote:

tedolf wrote:

SergeyAU wrote:

Please see my pictures where I compare the similarly lit pictures. But I had to use different settings on my camera to achieve similar results. Had to go to a full second and twice the ISO

As I said before, exposure is independent of sensor size. The differences you are seeing are due to the cell phone internal post processing. You can do the same things with a photo taken with your camera at the same exposure settings in post processing.


But Teddy ... there really was not (much) difference. His camera f/stop was 2-stops slower so he had to use longer SS and higher ISO.

How did you work out 2-stops? Mobile was f/1.5 and camera was f/3.5. Do you take higher full stop number (f/2 for f/1.5 and f/4 for f/3.5) and subtract? Same for shutter speed - 1/4" -> 1" are 2 stops as well?

The result was less than 1-stop discrepancy, which can easily be within margin-of-error considering it was indeed a phone w/ probably less-accurate USO calibration, (compared to "real" camera where ISO calibration would be more accurate).

And here you mention "less than 1-stop discrepancy". You mean that 2 images LOOK similar to each other to disregard the differences due to ISO calibration?

Just making sure that I understand

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