May Win 10 updates broke my color management

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sounds like you pc is spooked by M$'s too much poking i have a new NEC 27" monitor, it has been a while that JPEG files look horrid on it, however, the CR2 RAW files of the same horrid JPGs look fine, it is very frustrating, to say the least--and my monitor gets calibrated automatically once a month! i also tried SOOC JPG files, no difference, still horrid!

Are you viewing the jpg files in a color managed application and do those files have an embedded color profile?

i use M$ Photo Gallery to view my photos, and i am not sure if there is an embedded color profile in those photo files! if i remember correctly, this thing started when i upgraded for free to win10 from win7 professional. i use a laptop and a desktop and i get the same result on both, more so on my desktop, which means i have to offshore my critical printings

You can use the web site at the first link below to check a sample or two of your jpg images to see if they have embedded color profiles. The info will be right up at the top of the results page in the ‘Basic Image Information’ section.

As for the software, I’m not familiar with whether or not the old 'Photo Gallery' application from Microsoft was color managed. The ‘Photos’ app that comes with Windows 10 is known to *not* be color managed. The ‘Windows Photo Viewer’ from Windows 7 *is* color managed and can be “unearthed” from Windows 10 with some registry changes that can be found in the second link below.

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