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Alex Sarbu wrote:

James Bligh wrote:

James Bligh wrote:

Alex Sarbu wrote:

Olifaunt wrote:

James Bligh wrote:

I think color issue at least in JPEG is established in dpreview GR3 review though color desaturation in RAW as ISO climbs up is not adequately addressed.

Hi James. I just looked carefully at the GRiii studio test scene. Even at ISO 100 something funky is going on in the test scene with the jpeg - there is indeed obvious desaturation in the color patches and they are very uneven and full of cross-hatching, worms, and other artifacts artifacts - for example, the cyan patch looks pretty wretched.

But I think this is jpeg sharpening and noise reduction settings (as well as sharpening and NR in whatever viewer DPR uses for the RAW file too).

Are you talking about this?

Something's fishy, as I downloaded the JPEGs - both the in-camera and the ACR generated one - and there's no such cross-hatching. Cyan is looking better, too. A display issue with the DPR widget, perhaps?


I see crosshatches or fine crossing lines and halos in cyan and pink squares in jpeg. I also find color of cyan dirty and that of pink muted in RAW. And it is in ISO 100.

I may be mistaken. I see fine crossing lines also in the picture Olifaunt uploaded.

What I saw may be a monitor thing though I don’t know the right term for what I see. BTW what exactly does crosshatch look?

Well, it's not real crosshatching - but how should I call it? I'm talking about the artifacts clearly visible on the left side patch above.

I see no issues with Olifaunt's picture, perhaps you could be more specific? The display chain - application/OS/drivers/video board/connection/monitor cannot be fully trusted either. For example, one can get interesting effects just by increasing the monitor's sharpening.


I have dug into what cross hatching is.

Now I know what crosshatch is.

What I have seen in your sample and Olifaunt’s picture seems to be vertical and horizontal lines of pixels of monitor* which are easily seen especially in bright color patches such as cyan and yellow.

* They are real crosshatches. Aren’t they?

I think what I have seen so far is the crosshatching in monitor screen, not an artifact which looks like crosshatch in picture but I can’t imagine it is not a real thing when dpreview has said the following.


As that ISO value climbs even higher, we begin to clearly see evidence of this noise reduction on the GR III's Raw files (it's that sort of 'cross-hatching' pattern).


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