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Re: Firmware 2.0 is out - changelog

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Thanks for posting changelog - appreciated.

Having updated without issue, I went looking for "d5 shutter type" and having found it, see that it is greyed out. On pressing "OK", I get a helpful notice that "This option is not available at current settings or in the camera's current state".

I have single point focus, AF-C, manual mode with auto ISO as my settings with the stock 24-70S lens in use.

What am I doing wrong here?

As an aside, the eye detect seems to work well when I use the full frame focus....


Did you turn off silent mode? You need to do that before you can access D5.

I wish Nikon would just put electronic shutter selection in d5. If nothing else, just to prevent the situation described above. Electronic shutter is a shutter type Nikon.

You mean silent mode (full electronic shutter)? The EFCS is in d5, along with the mechanical shutter.

Yes. Full electronic shutter. Why have it be in a completely separate setting?

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