How long until they are giving away DSLR's ?

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Qui Tam
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Re: How long until they are giving away DSLR's ?

Fishchris wrote:

Max Iso wrote:

Qui Tam wrote:

You know why it's still $800? Because nobody's buying that dated, stagnated junk.

I'm surprised they're even in business.

I mean, what the heck is omegabrandess. Seems like a joke of a business, distributing a graveyard of soon-to-be defunct products.

Dude if you are gonna troll you gotta lay off the hyperbole. Its too obvious when you go overboard like that.

Hey Max, I don't completely disagree with Quite.... Even as much as I want a Gigapan, and will likely end up buying one.

They are old and dated. I hear they are loud. Bulky. Expensive. Apparently their is just not enough of a market for an item like this, to make something that does the same thing, but improved in many ways....

I'm only getting one because I don't have much choice.

Yes, all good points. It's clear there is no R&D going into product refreshes. Who knows--maybe they're just clearing a lot of decade-old inventory.

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