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Re: Art 2: The Conflict

P3T3S wrote:

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P3T3S wrote:

Taken in the Städel Museum in Frankfurt, showing a sculpture, The Decathlete by Richard Scheibe (1936), and a painting, Young Woman in a Wicker Chair by Hanns Ludwig Katz (1933).


Roel Asked: I wonder why you see a conflict here?

Warning: Spoiler! if you want to work out the photo for yourself, stop here!

The clue was in the dates. Hitler was an art student, and when he came to power, he personally decreed what was good art and what was bad art. He favoured the classic Greek heroic statues, and particularly the male ones. You can see why Scheibe's Aryan decathlete fitted nicely under Good Art.

He hated Expressionism, so Katz's painting was not going to gain any favour. Not only that, the artist was Jewish, so with two black marks, it went straight into the Degenerate Art ("Entartete Kunst") pile.

So that was the conflict - the conflict of an enforced taste in art.

I liked the way you could interpret the interaction between the sculpture and the painting as slightly flirtatious, as has already been observed, but also as the Aryan statue looking sternly and slightly ominously at the Jewish painting. In fact I cropped the statue slightly to make him intrude and give a slightly sinister feel. (Failed?!)

These two interpretations added another conflict. The Aryan statue looking longingly at the Jewish girl, knowing it was at odds with the political will.


Believe it or not, but the 1936 date that you mentioned, immediately triggered “Berlin Olympics” in my mind; and the painting style did make me think of Entartete Kunst (probably in conjuction with the date).

But I limited my interpretation to the art on display and disregarded (or chose to disregard) any wider political context.

Your explanation makes perfect sense! Clever!!

But I still mostly like the image for just the view, angle, glance, interaction.

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