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Re: Just a comment on BackBlaze

lightandaprayer wrote:

Mike Boreham wrote: Yes. just logged on and think you are right about me still being on the discount rate. Standard price is $10 per device per month. I will have a good look around in October when my discount expires.

Mike, there is an excellent overview of all the various Cloud backup options in Take Control Of Backing Up Your Mac, Third Edition . The info includes services such as BackBlaze, Crashplan et al. as well as the myriad "roll your own" options and compatible software like Arq Backup . It even gets into pricing minutiae. There is a link to an online appendix that compares over 100 local and Cloud-based backup software programs and services.

The ebook also includes a lot of information regarding local backup hardware and software including a section on the various flavors of RAID.

The information is amazingly comprehensive and up-to-date. The ebook was last updated on January 19, 2019 and owners receive an email when updated info is posted online or a new edition is released. Owners of previous editions receive at least a 50% discount; in some cases the new edition has been free.

I think that this is the best of the "Take Control" ebooks. . . The author is Joe Kissell and he has been part of the professional Mac community for 30 years. Joe knows his stuff! It's an incredible time-saver having so much info available without having to visit various company and review websites or online forums for advice. I think that it's worth every penny of the $15 price. Be sure to check online for promo coupon codes at There is always a multi-book 30% discount and at least once a year there is a 50%-off sale on every ebook. The for-sure annual sale occurs around Thanksgiving.

Ah yes! Thanks very much for the reminder about the great TC book. I bought it a few years ago, and have updated it but not looked at it properly for a couple of years now.

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