how to compare camera to mobile phone?

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Re: how to compare camera to mobile phone?

SergeyAU wrote:

Took some photos. Both freehand (off the knee)

Mobile photo is not adjusted. Camera ohoto only lens correction and a bit of noise reduction. Images are sized in Photoshop, so info on mobile image EXIF is not correct


f/3.5 1sec ISO 2500 Focal 15mm


f/1.5 1/4sec ISO 1250 Focal 4mm

And the last one is from mobile @ 1sec f/1.5 ISO 800 (does not go above that in the manual mode)

You may not be realizing it, but ALL THREE EXPOSURE-"SETTINGS" are within 1-stop of each other ... ONLY "OFFSET" (w/ higher ISO) to compensate for the shorter Shutter-Speed (ala 1sec to 1/4s), and/or smaller f/stop (ala f/1/5 to f/3/5).

f/3.5 1sec ISO 2500

f/1.5 1/4sec ISO 1250

f/1.5 1sec ISO 800

The exposure (settings) WERE THE SAME (w/in 1-stop). Only inversely-offset to compensate for different f/stops and shutter-speeds.

NOTE that CROP FACTOR was NOT A "FACTOR" in these compensations.

I repeat that CROP-FACTOR is ONLY needed for FOCAL-LENGTH, (or DOF), equivalents.

The EXPOSURE-SETTINGS are the SAME between camera sensor-sizes.

Thus "equivalence" is OVER-BLOWN unless you are concerned w/ DOF, (and noise).

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