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deednets wrote:

MrALLCAPS wrote:

getochkn wrote:

TLDR; The OP bought a XT3, couldn't get a sharp eye in focus out of 10000000000 photos, bought a Sony instead, and still has to post about it again in yet another thread they started.

Yeah... Maybe the OP should've called this post, "I left for Sony because of eye AF and you should too!" -at least that's how it sounds to me..

Hey, if it works for him, great. Thankfully I don't need, nor have to rely on my photography needing "both" eyes in focus. Even if I did, I'd use anything on this planet, except a Sony.

Maybe I should update my Z6 for that feature, but I just brought a X-H1 with the grip deal, so that can wait.

Where did I say that I left? Whatever that means. I simply added a tool for a particular purpose like I use the RX1RII for certain scenarios.

I never said you did, for ME, it reads like that. I honestly don't even see a reason to even post a topic like this. Then again, I don't know why I even commented on it! So I guess after having a Fuji kit, getting a Z6 with 2 primes, upgrading to a X-H1, I guess I'm back where I started.

So in short, Fujifilm is in a great position. It's arguably the Best APS-C system out there with a great lens selection. If you need eye detection you can go with a X-T3, or step up to full frame, like you've done.

So vs the rest, Fuji is fine. They've carved a nice spot in systems today.

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