how to compare camera to mobile phone?

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HDR as well

pocoloco wrote:

Forget about the comparison. Too much compute happening on the phone.

Pixel binning, stacking, all kinds of AI, etc etc. This will impact the result much more then the exposure settings.

I'm almost sure that in contrasty situations where I would have a difficult job getting a good picture, my smartphone is doing a HDR image i.e. taking three or more pictures at different exposures and combining them to make an image where the contrast is Under control. Automatically. In an instant. And the result is beautiful.

OK I know how to do an HDR image but it's a lot of work plus I prefer to have the camera on a tripod when I do it.

I think that smartphone designers have taken our most advanced photography techniques, automated them with hardware that you just can't do on a regular camera and developed an AI system that recognises the scene and picks the best solution for the case.

You can't just set the same aperture etc. on your camera. You have to master techniques like HDR and have the time to use it.

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