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James Bligh wrote:

I think color issue at least in JPEG is established in dpreview GR3 review though color desaturation in RAW as ISO climbs up is not adequately addressed.

Hi James. I just looked carefully at the GRiii studio test scene. Even at ISO 100 something funky is going on in the test scene with the jpeg - there is indeed obvious desaturation in the color patches and they are very uneven and full of cross-hatching, worms, and other artifacts artifacts - for example, the cyan patch looks pretty wretched.

But I think this is jpeg sharpening and noise reduction settings (as well as sharpening and NR in whatever viewer DPR uses for the RAW file too).

I opened the RAW GR3 file in Capture 1 with sharpening turned off. C1 applies the "DNG neutral" ICC profile to the RAW file. The colors look actually quite beautiful there, the color patches are evenly saturated areas of solid color, and there is no visible desaturation in the raw file as interpreted by C1.

Here is the image exported from C1. If you compare the color patches, for example, you will see they look much better. And remember this is with a generic "neutral" color profile in C1.

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