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Did Jim Go Tribal?

Birdie55 wrote:

Greg7579 wrote:

How is it a loss for the forum? Most of Jim's post were marked as "regular contributor". I imagine he can regularly contribute as much as anyone and I hope he does.

But he was a really good and patient moderator so we will miss that.

No need to miss his input if he keeps providing it. If he doesn't then that's on him.

Greg Johnson, San Antonio, Texas

May I suggest that you have a look at


OK Birdie, so I went to that link and Jim came on there and said he was leaving the MF forum but not the Nikon Forum.  Yet he lectures about tribalism on the MF Board.

And he thinks he is going to avoid tribalism on the Nikon Forum.  Hahahahahah.  LOL with that.  There is one-0tenth the tribalism and trolling on the MF Board compared to the Nikon Board.  Way way less!

Well … that changes a lot.  So I thought Jim was stopping being a moderator for all the reasons people get tired of hard jobs, but no…. He is leaving the MF forum entirely!  Yet he claims he will be frequent on the Nikon Forum!

Well, well, well..... That changes a lot.  Had I known that I probably would not have written such a heart-felt thank you (although I do thank him for his moderation efforts).

He will keep posting actively on the Nikon Forum but not on the MF Forum!

OK. I guess that is some form of odd protest.  Good luck with avoiding tribalism, nastiness and trolling on the Nikon Board!  LOL! Holy Cow Man....

Thanks Birdie.  That was a good thread to see.

Poor Jim.  He says he is mad at the MF Board because it is so full of tribalism and nastiness and he is going to hang out on the Nikon Board!  Hahahahahahqa.

That changes everything.  Sounds kind of tribal to me.

Greg Johnson, San Antonio, Texas

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